Windsor Food and Fuel Bank

Let no person go hungry, be cold, or go without basic necessities.

Windsor, CT 06095 | Phone: 860-683-4199

Development / Fundraising

Development Committee
Chairperson: Sharon Gallant-Loucks
Members: Becky Lowry

Purpose: The purpose of the fundraising committee is strategic in nature. Primary responsibilities include;
• Establish annual fundraising goals including but not limited to dollars raised.
• Establish recommended fundraising budget.
• Create annual fundraising calendar.
• Identify subcommittees necessary to accomplish annual fundraising activities and recruiting members to such groups.
• Ensure that all board members are engaged in fundraising activities.
• Provide training and professional development opportunities to board members on a regular basis.
• Work in collaboration with the communications committee to coordinate activities and messaging.
• Respond to fundraising requests as they arise and bring recommendation action to the board as necessary.
• Coordinate grant research and preparation.
• Ensure that all fundraising policies are kept up to date and reviewed not less than biannually. Policies should include gift acceptance policies for the first year. And,
• Maintain confidentiality and integrity in handling all donations and donor information including keeping such records in an appropriate fundraising database.