Windsor Food and Fuel Bank

Let no person go hungry, be cold, or go without basic necessities.

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April 27 eNewsletter

Walk Against Hunger - May 3, 2015

Join us on May 3rd for the Foodshare Walk Against Hunger! You can join our team and walk and/or donate money for a member of our team.

What is it like to go to bed hungry? What is it like to tell your family that there is not enough food to go around? How do you feed a family for a month, when your paycheck is barely enough to cover your bills?

These are questions many families are wrestling with right here in Windsor, CT.

So how can you help? Join the walk or donate to the Windsor Food and Fuel Bank for the Walk Against Hunger, by following the link below. For every $30 we can feed one resident for a month.

We thank you for your support!