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Let no person go hungry, be cold, or go without basic necessities.

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Windsor Nonprofit Expands Reach -New Allies in the Fight Against Hunger

The Windsor Community Service Council (WCSC) has been active in Windsor since 1967 but in the past year has taken unprecedented steps to expand its board membership and to boost its online presence. The new board is headed by President Jane Garibay and President Emeritus Joe Cymerys and includes officers Ann Walsh, Lisa Boccia, Robin Meyers, as well as general members Cyndi Deshais, Leonard Swade, Peter Esbensen, and Tina Kokosa. The new board is already implementing new initiatives to boost the group's mission to ensure that nobody goes hungry, is cold, or is without basic necessities.

The WCSC works closely with the Town of Windsor Social Services department to provide funding for the Windsor Food Bank, the Windsor Fuel Bank, and other emergency assistance.

One of the new initiatives is a brand new website. " is a one-stop resource to learn about the WCSC mission, the board, and how you can get involved," said Peter Esbensen, chairman of the Communications Committee. The website contains event photos and an online calendar listing food drive events. "For the first time, we also have the capability to receive donations online," said Esbensen, "and we think this will be appreciated by those of our supporters who are used to conducting their transactions online."

The WCSC is proud of its efficiency in getting donations directly to those in need and the website continues in that tradition. Esbensen explains: "We were able to get the website up and running at extremely low cost thanks to the donation of services by two local companies, Invisible Gold and"

WCSC President Jane Garibay said, "I hope that people will take a minute to visit and to check out upcoming events on the online calendar. For example, the WCSC has food drives at Geissler's and Stop and Shop throughout the year." Garibay added, "I want to thank these businesses and our dedicated volunteers for putting those food drives on." Upcoming food drives include August 25th at Geissler's and September 1st at Stop and Shop.

"Today's economic environment makes our mission even more important," said Garibay, "but I think the Windsor community really supports the Food and Fuel Banks and with our new board of directors and new website we have great new resources to help."