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Help Homeless Youth in Windsor

Help Homeless Youth in Windsor

AHuman Rights class from Windsor High School, has set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for homeless youth in Windsor, CT.

In our current unit we are learning about the struggles of homelessness, and specifically those of homeless teens, and the lack of services available to them.

One of the most helpful organizations for homeless teens has been Windsor Social Services. They provide teens with the following: bus passes, food, hygiene products, grocery store cards, clothing, etc. just to name a few. All proceeds will be donated to Windsor Social Services, and we are accepting donations from now until 11/12/ 16.

In order to better understand the struggles of homeless teens, our class will be participating in a sleep-out to experience aspects of being homeless. We will be spending 12 hours exposed to the elements in early November.

This matters to us so much because most times we take for granted all that we have, and we don't take the time to put ourselves into the shoes of someone else. We want to explain that it's not an invisible problem, and we've seen it firsthand. Donating to this cause will greatly impact someone's life, and show that we have compassion for those who are affected...and we hope you do, too! Thank you so much for your consideration and for supporting homeless youth in Windsor.