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Police Cadets Volunteer

Police Cadets Volunteer
The Windsor Police Cadets were the group volunteers for the Windsor Food and Fuel on August 6 the at Stop and Shop in Windsor. They did a fantastic job passing out flyers suggesting various items to customers. They smiled, were kind, polite, courteous, great representatives of both the Police Cadets and the Town of Windsor.

The donation food box started off empty and, by 2pm, was overflowing and monetary donations were wonderful. These young people spend a great deal of time and commitment to police cadets. There training under Officer Bernie Petkis and his volunteer board and young men and women is a credit to our Police Department, Cadet board, the families of the young men and women , and the Cadets themselves.

The food and fuel bank needs volunteers every month at Stop and Shop. We have 2 shifts 10 -12 12-2. The task involves willing volunteers and we need 3 to 4 people per shift . Your group, club,individuals may volunteer for a month now for next year. January to December. Contact Windsor food and fuel now. Help us like these young people to be sure No One in Windsor goes hungry or is cold and without basic needs ever.

Pictured are Nia (kneeling), Jen, Jordyn, Marcus, Cadet director and former young cadet for many years, and Joshua.

Thank you to to all for your help. A major Thank You to Stop and Shop for allowing Ustinov do this for our Community each month . Ann Walsh Food And Fuel volunteer.